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Vise Versa

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Vise Versa Biography


The idea of Vise Versa began early 2012 when vocalist Jon HOWARD, and guitarist Eddy CHAUMULOT first met. Eddy’s band at the time had invited Jon to perform guest vocals for a song on their new album. Both Jon and Eddy had a passion for 90’s grunge/rock music and had always wanted to start a project with a similar sound, combined with a modern edge. After realizing they both had a similar musical goal in mind, they decided to write a few songs together. They began composing during the summer of 2012 and before long their music project was starting to feel like something more... The explosive energy of the songs combined with unforgettable melodies led them to believe they had something special, maybe they could turn their project into a band. At this point, they needed a great bassist and solid drummer to round out the mix. Audrey HENRY and Franky COSTANZA were then approached to join the project and to finish composing the songs with Jon and Eddy. Both Audrey and Franky had similar a musical goal in mind as well, so they were a prefect fit.

Vise Versa was born.

Nearing the end of 2012 Vise Versa had finished recording a 12 song album. Each member had written and recorded their parts in their own home studios. Since each member lives a significant distance away from each other, they worked closely over the internet writing and recording their own instruments. Charles KALLAGHAN MASSABO was also added into the mix as a co-producer during the recording process. In the spring of 2013, the band flew to Los Angeles California to have the album mixed with Charles.

By late 2013, Vise Versa was ready to start promoting their hard work. The first release was a lyric video for the song ‘Thorn In My Side’. The song was very well received online and the band quickly started developing a fan base. In january 2014 the band shot 2 performance music videos for ‘Living A Lie’ and ‘Killing Me’ with director Benjamin CAPPELLETTI. At this time Vise Versa also appeared in their first promo pictures taken by Anthony DUBOIS.

Vise Versa has fund Send the wood music's team to release their debut album ‘Living A Lie’, and bring their music to the masses. As of now they are a self-funded, independent band, with extreme motivation to take the music industry by storm.

Vise Versa Discography

Living a Lie

1 - Living a Lie
2 - Killing Me
3 - Misery
4 - Thorn in my side
5 - Voices
6 - All i've Got
7 - Take it Back
8 -Stranger
9 - Command & Conquer
10 - Running with Scissors
11 - Why ?
12 - Ether

Vise Versa's Shows

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Vise Versa Video

Vise Versa - Living a Lie - HD Video

Vise Versa Pics Gallery

  • Hue!DADA
  • Hue!DADA Skake It
  • hue!dada Renee Dada
  • hue!dada
  • Vise Versa Franky et Eddy
  • Vise Versa Eddy
  • Vse Versa - Franky
  • Vise Versa en Promo
  • Vise Versa Photo Promo
  • Vise Versa Promo

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