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Early Spring Horses

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Early Spring Horses's Biography

early spring horses

Vincent Stockholm, who publicly answers to the name “Early Spring Horses”, was born in Älvdalen in the county of Dalécarlie (Sweden).

After a few years of working in the service of other artists, he cames back as a solo artist, and composed an entitled album “What the wood whispers to itself.”

The album is composed of 9 songs that are like so many fleeting, motionless instants, creating a voyage into a forest where the trees murmur sensitive poetry like Haiku describing the transience of things, and where everything appears and disappears as if by magic. The false pretenses burst to give way to the intimate and to those instincts that push us to accomplish things we don’t understand.

What you hear is not real,” Stockholm limits himself to saying when he speaks about this album, which deals just as well with the dispersement of genes over the course of his ancestors’ moving (Voyager’s trail) as with the winter solstice (Vintersolstand), the fantasy of disappearance (The Northern Blot), or childhood traumas (Chaos in my house). He follows the example of Prospero, who, with the complicity of his faithful spirit (Ariel) created a world which was only pure fantasy

and nevertheless so real. Nature becomes the reflection of our interior emotions, if we let the magic of our instincts go (EarlySpring Horses). Björk and Kurtzweil predict a singularity that will oblige human beings to mutate with machines; Stockholm asks if the solution might rather be reconciliation and hybridization with the nature that made us (The Bark).

The album lays its foundations on a minimalist vocabulary, except for rhythmic piano notes enriched by electronic and acoustic sounds, mixing together so that at times one is unable to discern them clearly. Is it in fact still a piano? A harp? A real voice? One, two or three pianos intermingle according to mathematical modes, at times esoteric or even academic. Vincent Stockholm deploys his electronic experimentations and, for the first time, sings for the entire length of the album; he reveals a unique, soft voice that envelopes the listener like a spell.

What the wood whispers to itself" is going to release on November 18th, 2016.

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Early Spring Horses's Discography

Album "What the wood whispers to itself"

Early Spring Horses Cover
1 - Early Spring Horses
2 - Across The Roading Forties
3 - Chais In My House
4 - Ariel
5 - The Northern Blot
6 - The Bark
7 - Vintersilstand
8 - Can You Escape ?
9 - Voyager's Trail

Avilable now !
Out november 18th, 2016.

What the wood whispers to itself

Early Spring Horses's Videos

Early Spring Horses - Voyager's Trail (Official Video)


Early Spring Horses - Clip "The Northern Blot"

Early Spring Horses's Shows

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Early Spring Horses's Photographies Galleries

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