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FERGESSEN, as I wrote short after seeing them perform, is the meeting of a Dave Stewart with a taste of Noir Désir’s lead singer and a French version of Annie Lennox having swallowed Aretha Franklin. It’s much in one time, but no stronger do they hit you from the stage : the perfect mix of their harmonized voices and guitars, a pop-rock filled with exigence, poetic, heartfelt lyrics and exquisite melodies written and composed hand in hand by David and Michaëla, in their quiet studio on the hillside.

Short after recording « les accords tacites » alongside producer Lionel Gaillardin in 2011, the pair choose to leave Paris behind and take an independant path towards the « Far Est » . The result is a rough, tribal second album, that displays powerful songs both in French and English. Through striking interpretation, the tandem serves rich and groovy lyrics. Worth mentioning is their muscial adaptation of Stevenson’s poem « The Wind » - a-blowing all day long, that sings so loud a song. Seeing them singing the unplugged version of the song in the heart of a Vosgian valley that resembles an icy ocean, you can’t deny they have a way for allying energy and sensitivity, whatever the subject matter is. Here, A Child’s Garden of Verses and Underwoods.

As soon as they get on stage, a whole river of sound pours out : Michaëla, modern Antianeira, her arms naked, her hair loose, wearing a biceps bracelet, litterally embraces and charms the audience. But David – fair enough – soon takes up the Beauty ‘s challenge, as a perfect gentleman, despite his darker looks . While playing an epileptic and coordinated guitar game, « The lovers » go into a trance that might have led them right to the stake, in ancient times. They could have chosen Iceland or Denmark (« Love, sleep, love again »), they chose the Vosges as a symbol of a music that’s hard to get, but leaves you in the end with a brand. Fergessen, pronounced the German way, means « to forget » or « to lose one’s temper » : there’s little chance you’ll forget them, however you might lose the way back home, once you’ve ventured into the far… Far-Est.

Fergessen : New Album "Far Est" out  21th, octobre 2013 ! More info soon...

Fergessen' s Discography :


Far Est :

1 - Far Est
2 - Ex Aequo
3 - Fields of Yellow
4 - The Wind
5 - Nos palpitants
6 - Be
7 - Beautiful Lies, Adieu
8 - Eleanor Rigby
9 - En attendant le bonheur
10 - Back from the Start
11 - D'ici là


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