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Under The Abyss

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Under the Abyss Biography

Under The Abyss Metal Music

After releasing two EPs, 'Dawn of Everything' and 'Awaken by Hate' in 2006 and 2008 respectively, both recorded at Tarmac Studio, the band toured extensively in Brittany, France and started to build a reputation in the local scene.

In 2010, Under The Abyss appears at Motocultor Fest alongside Dagoba, Koritni and Madball. The growing support and energetic reception of the band sparks them to work on new projects. In 2011, a more consistent lineup helps the band gain more confidence and maturity. Under The Abyss are done with composing the tracks that will be featured on their first full-length album and are ready to enter the studio to record 'A Wavering Path'. The album would be recorded at the DOME Studio, run by the two brothers David and Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia, One Way Mirror, Phaze 1). The band feels like it is the ideal place for them to share their energy, power and honesty; qualities that really sets them apart from other bands. The recording, mixing and mastering of the album all take place at the DOME Studio in the summer of 2011.

The self-released 'A Wavering Path' surpasses everyone's expectations and is critically acclaimed by the band's growing fan base. But the band's debut effort also draws the attention of numerous webzines, websites, web radio stations and magazines worldwide and becomes available on Deezer shortly upon release where it reaches the top 5 best metal discoveries of February. In 2012, the band tours in support of the album all across the country.

Motivated by the public's warm reception, both locally and internationally, they decide to start working on a new album in 2014.

In 10 years of existence, the group has always sought to push the limits to deliver a powerful and sincere music without ever yielding to the music mode. Under The Abyss stands out for its authenticity and modern vision of a kind old school thrash metal and offers the new albuim : 'A Future To behold '.

Under The Abyss Discography 

A Future To Behold

Under the abyss a future behold

1 - The Wrath Of Nantosuelta
2 - Black Sheep
3 - Living Ghost 
4 - A Call To Gratitude
5 - The Bearer Of Light
6 - Meaningless Things
7 - Trapped Under Sand
8 - A Future To Behold
9 - Promise Land 
10 - Ridden By Guilt

Under The Abyss Videos

Under the Abyss - The Wrath of Nantosuelta


Under the Abyss - A Future Behold Teaser

Under The Abyss Pics Gallery

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Under The Abyss Shows

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