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Formed in 2009, LIES has quickly found its place in the Rock-Metal scene with an original style mixing melody and power, taking its influences in many genres such as Metal, progressive music of the Seventies, electronic music, Pop music, but keeping roots in a solid and technical Rock. Their music reached a wide public in France and abroad when the band took part in an European tour with the mythical US band STUCK MOJO.

At the end of 2010, LIES and Lord Nelson (singer of STUCK MOJO) started a collaboration called "Lord Nelson Feat Lies", which led to the release of the album "Fight". The project has played some shows in France in particular with Skindred (organized by Garance Production) and in Spain, and is now preparing a tour in Europe and in the United States.

The first album of LIES was distributed by M&O Label and received a very warm welcome by criticisms as many reviews can show.

After one year searching for the right singer, LIES is now back in 2013 with its second album "FROM THE ASHES OF OUR WORLD", signed on the Independent label SEND THE WOOD MUSIC. Some of the titles have already been played on stage during a tour with SYBREED.
This new opus provides a much more targeted style, more organic and less electronic, letting once again the priority to the melodies while keeping huge and controlled power.

Now it’s time to play this new album on stage and let the fire on!



 lies ashes world "FROM THE ASHES OF OUR WORLD" (2013)

     1- Somewhere 
     2- Reborn 
     3- All Our Apologies
     4- Deal with It
     5- Anger
     6- No Way
     7- Feel Sick
     8- The Loss
     9- Better off Alone
     10- Your Fear
     11- Schizophrenia

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