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HORD (Metal, France) has been founded in 2002 in the south of
France. People in love with extrem musics, technic and melodic at same time like bands as Mnemic, Sybreed, Soilwork, Texture, Opeth, Scar Symmetry should be really interested into Hord's Music.

After the recording of several demos, the band is spotted in 2006 by Patrick Liotard, guitarist and producer of the Metal/Indus band POLARBITCH, who decides to produce and record the first album of the band : 

hord biography

- "Reborn from Chaos" (Why Note/Nocturne, 2006). After some changes in the line-up and two years on the road defending "Reborn from Chaos" on stage with Fear Factory, Punish Yourself, Black Bomb A, etc., HORD, in 2010, has signed with the label Send the wood music to release the second album :

- "The Waste Land" (Send The Wood Music, 2010), produced by Jochem Jacobs (TEXTURES, Nuclear Blast Records). 
Hord plays a modern-electric-metal, between the Cyber, thrash, groove, math, prog and Djent familly.
Inspired by post-modern literatures and post-apocalyptic cinema, "The Waste Land" is a concept album about the experience of annihilation and the end of the world, combining music, poetry, photography and graphic design, fruit of an international collaboration of various artists :
Hord, Jochem Jacobs, Jakob Arevarn, David Lundmark, Par Olofsson, David Sandberg and Colin Vauthier.

After 3 years working together, Send The Wood Music and HORD are going to release the new concept-album "The Book Of Eliot" on october 4th, 2013,

- "The Book Of Eliot" (Send The Wood Music/Season Of Mist, 2013) has been produced by Hord, mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Khoma, Refused), with an artwork signed by Jakob Arevarn.

hord the book of eliot

The Book Of Eliot (Sortie le 22 avril 2013)

 1. Analepsis
 2. Confession
 3. At the Gate
 4. The Sleepless Journey
 5. Landscape with the Fall of Icarus
 6. The Unwaverings
 7. On Collision Course
 8. Unleash the Hermod
 9. Kindermord
 10. What the Thunder Said

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The Book of Eliot

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The Book of Eliot

Hord 2010 The Waste Land cover

The Waste Land (2010) :

1. The Waste Land (Part 1)
2. Unreal City
3. Subdued Voices
4. Epidemic
5. The Watcher
6. A Heap Of Broken Images
7. The Burial Of the Dead
8. Through The Ashes
9. The Grand Expedition
10. The Waste Land (Part 2)

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The Waste Land
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The Waste Land


Reborn From Chaos (2006) :

1. Intro
2. Soul Apoccalypse
3. Mutantis
4. Master life down
5. Tears from the sky
6. Seeds of chaos
7. World dominators
8. Xenomorph
9. Cryogenic Empathy
10. Zero Tolerance
11. Hord

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Reborn from Chaos
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Reborn from Chaos

Hord's Videos
Here, find clips, teaser, ect.. from Hord :

Send us your video from Hord !

Hord Photograph's gallery

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  • Hord en concert The Waste Land show
  • Hord en Concert The Waste Land Show


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