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Biographie de Deathawaits :

deathawaits photo du groupeDeathawaits is born during the year 2002.The band is picking its influences in differents kinds of styles like Death/Trash, Hardcore and even Grind.After 2 EPs : Dark Breath in 2003, Reborn in 2007 and a split CD in 2009 with the Grind band Bounty Hunter, the year 2010 has been the year of the first band's LP's recording named "Out of Adversity", released in february 2011. The band will share the stage all over the years with many international bands such as Destruction, Aborted, No return, Eths, Dagoba, Benighted, Malmonde, Sepultura... The recording of the second LP is starting in 2013 at the Convulsound studio in Lyon and will be named "The Abominable" (released in 2014, February the 28th).At the same time, they signed with the record company Send The Wood from Montpellier. If you like powerful and efficient music, then go for it.

Deathawaits discography's


Deathawaits The Abominable


The Abominable

1 - Hell Comes...
2 - I am the abominable
3 - All confused
4 - Only god Forgives
5 - Call of Lucifer
6 - Life is too short for soft porn
7 - Smell of human flesh
8 - Mass Murderer
9 - Despite the coldness
10 - Forgot
11 - Deathawaits

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Deathawaits video's :

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